Sachittha Pariyodapanam.


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Peradeniya central college is a most popular college among the people in central province. The college is a bilingual college. And the college is situated at near the university of peradeniya.

Peradeniya central college is very important for Sri Lankan boxin history. Not only that like boxin, Pedadeniya central college is very imortant for Sri Lankan volly ball. And other hand lot of valueble citizens are made by this college.

The History :
The school was started on 1890 as a bilingual school. At that time there was 15 students. The school was situated at the Peradeniya junction. Since this was started as a bilingual school. People in that area called this "Bilingual". In 1954, the principal P.Senarath and the eductional minister in central province Mr. Nugawela have participated to move the school in to the new place at udaeriyagama.

Now the school is situated at udaeriyagama. In the same year the school named as "Peradeniya detu viduhalal"

The new school gave to the students in 1959 by the hand of prime minister of sri lanka Hon. S.W.R.D Bandaranayake.

The school named as "Peradeniya detu viduhalal" on 1954 and from 1970 it has been renamed "Peradeniya maha vidyalaya". It has renamed again "Peradeniya central college"(Peradeniya mdya maha vidyalaya) from 01st of january 1994.

In this school, there were A/L classes from1954. From start to today (2010) there were 19 principals in the school including present principals.